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We Do It In Public - Breastfeeding: Anytime. Anywhere.
Photos from the We Do It In Public Picture Library (Coming Soon)

Breastfeeding Is Beautiful
Sample images from the book of photos by Christina Conboy

Email Chrstiina Conboy for more information about ordering

Breastfeeding - Questioning the Taboo
Photos by Erin E Schmidt

Mother's Milk
Photos by Amy Goalen Whittam

Photos by Lindsay Flint

Breast Side Stories by Orit Gilad, illustrations Julia Filipone Erez
"What is the most bizarre place you ever breast fed your baby?" Orit Gilad asked nursing mothers from all over the world to share their funny breast feeding situations. The result is "Breast Side Stories".

The Reality of Breastfeeding
A new eBook by Catherine Holland


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We Do It In Public
Picture Library